Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Huge Expansion Plans Revealed for Fun Spot America

Expansion is once again on the minds of the owners of Fun Spot America, located not far from the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida.  The park underwent a "huuuuge" (as the park says in its commercials) expansion a couple years ago, but it seems there is plenty more to come.

© Fun Spot America
The park has partnered with Falcon's Creative Group to develop a masterplan for expanding the park into what is the current parking lot and into new land across the street.  This will result in a much larger property and a considerable amount of new rides and attractions.  Falcon's not only designed a new masterplan but also a set of theming to be applied to the property; when complete the park will still be Americana themed, but with six distinct areas.

© Fun Spot America
These concept art pieces were released along with the announcement of the future expansions, though the park will point out that nothing is totally set in stone yet.  If you look closely at the art you can see several new flat and tower rides dotting the park, a water park area, log flume, a sky ride, and a parking deck and more park (with a new coaster) across the road.

The Orlando Sentinel got a few additional tidbits on the plans, such as the water park area will be the first to be completed and open in 2017.  That makes perfect sense seeing as Orlando's other major water park (not connected to a big resort) Wet n' Wild will be closed by then.  The other major additions are on a 5 to 10 year plan moving forward.  The future remains bright for this park!