Saturday, January 9, 2016

New Pacific Rim 5-D Experience Now in Previews at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

A new motion based experience is previewing this weekend at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, named Pacific Rim 5-D and based off the popular film of the same name.  Pacific Rim 5-D will be presented in the park's Iwerks Theater, and will be the only location in the world to take in the experience with motion based seats.

The feature film Pacific Rim was created by Guillermo del Toro and is being brought to life at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment.  The sneak previews are starting this weekend with an official opening of the attraction coming soon.

"Loaded with suspense, action and monstrous creatures, “Pacific Rim 5-D” pairs the explosive special effects from the popular action-based science fiction film with a thrilling new ride simulation experience."  The storyline follows that of the film, with huge creatures emerging from the ocean and attacking cities and mankind.  To combat the creatures, the nations of the world combine forces to create huge robotic fighting machines, like the one seen above.  The film's climax involves a battle between the surviving robotic fighter and the ultimate menacing creature.  The experience will feature 4-D film and in-theater special effects.

“Bringing in an intense, high-energy and popular movie like Pacific Rim to our Iwerks 5D Theater is a great addition to our thrill line-up,” said Don McCoy, park president. “As Northern California’s most thrilling theme park, kids and adults alike will be blown away being part of the ground-shaking action.”

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom previously announced a highly anticipated conversion of its wooden Roar roller coaster into The Joker, a new steel hybrid ride for 2016.