Saturday, January 16, 2016

New Attraction Closures Announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios

The ever-shrinking Disney's Hollywood Studios, part of Walt Disney World in Florida, has announced that another set of attractions, dining and entertainment options will close for good April 2nd, 2016.

The news also includes the fact that the famous Earffel Tower, the 130 foot tall faux water tower that served as the park's icon for years, will also be removed.  With a new name for the park on the way, this is one step closer to giving the theme park a totally new identity.

Here is a quick look at the section of the park that is being cleared of its attractions with this announcement.  The biggest item leaving the park (which was quite expected) is Lights, Motors, Action!, the auto stunt show that resides inside the layout of the already closed Studio Backlot Tour.

Just above and to the right of the Lights, Motors, Action! stadium, on a part of Streets of America, are the other items closing.  The Honey I Shrunk The Kids Movie Set Adventure, a play area at the park since 1990, the Studio Catering Company and a Monsters Inc. meet and greet will also be shuttered.

This set of closings looks to be needed for the park to build the previously announced Toy Story Land, an 11 acre addition that will feature a family roller coaster, a pair of spinner rides, and more.  The park has still yet to give more details of where Star Wars Land, also announced previously and set to cover 14 acres, will be located or what it might replace.