Sunday, January 17, 2016

Rocky Mountain Shares New Photos of 3 New For 2016 Coaster Projects

© Rocky Mountain Construction
We're grateful to Rocky Mountain Construction for helping us coaster fans pass through the winter months - they're keeping us occupied by posting great updates of their current projects.  Above is one shot of several that they uploaded of Storm Chaser at Kentucky Kingdom.  After pausing for the holiday season the crews are back at work placing track onto the structure.

© Kentucky Kingdom
This image was actually released by Kentucky Kingdom itself, however it was far too good to ignore for this story.  This view, taken from the top of the 100 foot lift hill, shows off the entire layout that has been completed so far.  Looks beautiful!  It's pretty interesting to see all the leftover footers from when the coaster was all wood and had two tracks.

© Rocky Mountain Construction
Dollywood's epic new ride is also making much progress.  This updated gallery of Lightning Rod shows that plenty of additional track has been placed on the support structure, like the giant wave turn seen above that takes place after the large drop.  Other photos show that supports are going up throughout the rest of the layout as well.

© Rocky Mountain Construction
Finally we have the super wintry conditions of Sweden where Wildfire at Kolmarden continues to rise.  The snow and cold temperatures may make work a bit more difficult, but it isn't stopping crews from placing the huge bents required to get the trains to the maximum height of 187 feet.  I don't see any track placed yet in any of the new photos, though I'm sure it won't be far behind.  I'm already looking forward to the next batch of updated photos.