Sunday, January 10, 2016

Beech Bend Park Building Large Slide Tower + New Spinning Coaster in 2016

Another season of exciting additions has been announced by family-owned and run Beech Bend amusement park and Splash Lagoon, located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  The 2016 expansion comes off of the addition of a handful of family and thrill rides to the park this past season.

© Beech Bend Park

The largest addition that will take place in 2016 will be this huge 55 foot tall water slide tower, featuring four different experiences and created by Proslide.  The four slides will be named Cyclone Saucers, Riptide, Tidal Wave, and Polynesian Plunge.  The Cyclone Saucers will be the first of its kind to be installed in North America, and is one of Proslide's Flying Saucer slides.

© Beech Bend Park

This aerial view of the new slide tower allows the path of each slide to be easily traced.  The green and yellow slide appears to be the new Flying Saucer slide, but there is also a large (orange) wave wall style slide, one with two small funnels (blue) on the way down, and a large traditional bowl (purple) slide.  This news story posts the water park expansion at around $5 million, so this is by no means a small expansion.

© Beech Bend Park
On the amusement park side of things, a new spinning family roller coaster - named Spinning Out - will also be built at Beech Bend next season.  Well, technically the ride was already built!  The park received the new coaster, manufactured by SBF Visa Group, late last year and quickly had it installed.  The four passenger cars will spin freely during the course, which will make for a dizzying experience for riders.