Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Crews Install First Inverted Track on The Joker at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Not long ago the already-impressive Joker roller coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom looked like this:

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
We had already seen several views of the green and purple track that had been installed on the lift and first drop, however this additional view is a great look at that plunge.  The steepness (78 degrees) is really evident from this elevated angle - but what comes next is equally special.

The Joker will feature the first "step up under flip" in which the train rises into the curve and rolls to the right until passengers are upside down.  Instead of fully rolling out of the inversion the track turns into a sharp downward curve, completing the element.

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom was understandably excited to get the track on the new element, and released this video update of just that: