Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Six Flags Creates Web Presence for New Six Flags China Park

Six Flags Entertainment Corp. has created a new website for its first park to be built in China, specifically in Haiyan within the Zhejiang province and on the coast of Hangzhou Bay.  It will be a short 45 mile journey from Shanghai to the park.

The company has been giving small updates on the coming Chinese parks during earning calls, but this new web presence is the most we've seen so far.  The theme park is part of a much larger development that includes residential, entertainment and retail areas - a modern lifestyle community.
© Six Flags
The site has several pieces of concept art for Six Flags China and the overall project, however it is the same art that was released some time ago and isn't very specific.  As you can see many of the rides are pretty general looking, making it hard to even really guess at the specific types of thrills offered.  The park's page touts that it "will feature a number of record-breaking roller coasters, unique thrill experiences, incredible live shows and more."  Six Flags Entertainment will lease the name of the park and is working on the design phase, but will not own or operate this new park.

© Six Flags
I know it is highly stylized, but one could wager a guess that the roller coaster seen in this art may be a B&M dive coaster - the Ferris wheel off to the left is fairly obvious though.  In one of the news-bits on the new website there is a great aerial plan of the park but most of the 'guts' of the theme park aren't featured, like the area out over the bay where many of the bigger rides appear to be located.

Since specific attractions have not yet been announced Six Flags China is promising updates to the website soon, and you can be sure we've bookmarked the site to watch for those details!