Friday, January 1, 2016

New Water Park - Typhoon Texas - Opening in 2016

Happy new year to you all!  Let's start off 2016 by looking at someone entirely new, Typhoon Texas, a brand new water park under construction in Katy, Texas.

The water park is part of a 43 acre development that represents a $45 million investment by the builders of the park.  The finished product will look like this:

© Typhoon Texas
As you can see from the park's layout, there will be plenty of slides, pools and other play areas to keep visitors busy for a full day.  The wave pool, dubbed Thunder Beach, will cover 27,000 square feet and be a focal point of the park.  Paying homage to its development location, Typhoon Texas will feature a giant floral display in the shape of the state at the entrance, and the State flag in a few places in the park.

© Typhoon Texas
The water park's slide collection appears to be largely supplied by White Water, with at least four different slide towers on the property.  These include two large hybrid slides near the top of this photo, a trio of trap door thrill slides in the upper right, a huge multi-lane mat racer slide in the bottom, and some more family style slides near the wave pool.  There's also a lazy river, aqua play structure and a kiddie spray area as well.  The park's official website lists the names of all these attractions and more, check that out here.

© Typhoon Texas
The park was actually announced several months ago, and since then the park has been under heavy construction.  Recent photos they shared show the slide towers rising into the air, with all the pools and play areas also being formed.  Typhoon Texas is planned to be ready for a Memorial Day 2016 grand opening.