Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Gunslinger Spins its Way into Frontier City in 2016

A ride not commonly found in permanent theme parks will be added to Frontier City in 2016, the Oklahoma City park has announced.   Named The Gunslinger, the new flat ride will be a Zamperla Power Surge, an extreme thrill ride more often found at fairs than theme parks - making this instillation even more interesting and unique.

© Frontier City
The Zamperla Power Surge seats 24 riders at a time and features the combination of three motions at once.  If you've even seen one in person you know that just watching it in operation can be a dizzying experience, let alone riding!  With legs dangling, passengers in pairs of two are spun, flipped and twirled around at heights of 60 feet above the park.  This new ride will certainly have a huge appeal factor for thrill seekers!

As noted in the flyer above, The Gunslinger will be the third new ride that Frontier City has added in three years.  New for 2015 was Brain Drain, a Larson Super Loop, and 2014 saw the addition of the Winged Warrior, a set of Larson Flying Scooters.