Friday, January 15, 2016

Holiday World to Focus on Existing Wood Coasters in 2016

Holiday World has announced that for the park's 70th Anniversary in 2016 they will be making improvements to all three of their world-class wooden roller coasters.  Wood coasters require a great amount of maintenance and love to keep them in top riding shape, and Holiday World is already known for giving theirs plenty of attention.

The park's first wooden coaster, opened in 1995, is the Raven and that ride has already received some new track work meant to keep the terrain coaster as smooth as it can be.  Even more track work and improvements are coming to the Voyage, the massive wood coaster opened in 2006.  The ride is receiving "thicker uplift steel on the top of the second and third hills" and all layers of track have been replaced on a 300 foot section after the ride's triple down element.  Both changes are meant to gives Voyage riders a smoother experience.

The Legend, built in 2000, will see the most changes at the park as it is "reborn" and improved to feature a new themed tunnel and an additional air time moment.

© Holiday World
Work on the Legend, done by Great Coasters International, will include replacing all layers of track on the first drop and adding more support structure throughout the ride.  A new tunnel will take place as the coaster passes under the park's log flume, adding a new surprise moment.

The graphic above is of one of the other changes to the ride, a new double-down element that replaces a downward curve just after the exit of the helix.   Another change is a lowered turn just before the new tunnel that will increase the trains speed through the element.

Here is the full announcement video straight from Holiday World: