Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hersheypark Launches Mini-site For 2015 Attraction

Hersheypark made good on their promise to keep the teases coming when they launched a new mini-site on Tuesday, aimed at giving clues (or confusing) readers about the park's 2015 attraction.

Last week we speculated that the new for 2015 addition would go up on the spot of the current Midway Tent, and this week's clue seems to confirm that.  The red, white, and blue tent appears to soon be a part of Hersheypark history.

But what is replacing it?  The vivid colors used in the tease do seem to give further credit to the dark ride theory, but the exact theme eludes me.  The background for Clue #1 also features a brightly colored hippo suspended from a hot air balloon - your guess is as good as mine on that one!

Along with the first official clue Hersheypark is also holding a sweepstakes for a lucky follower to win a 2015 season pass.  That's a pretty nice way to get to check out the 2015 addition... all season long!