Friday, July 18, 2014

New Coasters Ready to Open at Rome's Cinecitta World

Intamin has provided two new roller coasters for Cinecitta World in Italy, both of which are nearly ready to open to visitors.  The movie studio theme park is opening in about a week or so, but rides have been undergoing final testing and some previews for weeks now.

The park has a lot of interesting looking attractions, divided into 'sets' instead of lands, all of which are themed to a high degree.  For instance there's a splash ride that is hidden behind ancient ruins, and a free fall tower that has a giant elephant at the base of the structure.  The park's website has a gallery of photos that are worth checking out.

The park's largest coaster is Altair, an Intamin ten inversion steel coaster.  The ride is themed to the great Sci-Fi movies of the world, and has a very elaborate space ship themed station.  The coaster is the same layout as the 'older' Intamin ten inversions, with an updated first drop and a few other slight modifications.  There is a vertical loop, cobra roll, two corkscrews, and five heartline rolls.

Parksmania has been closely following Cinecitta World since it was first announced, and released some footage of Altair in action:

The second roller coaster opening at the park is Darkmare, and indoor family thrill ride.  Also created by Intamin, this ride is said to feature a free-fall section much like what was done on Alton Tower's Thirteen.  The drop section is not shown, but there's a photo on this page of the coaster with the lights on.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of this coaster, perhaps a lights-on point of view, soon.

Cinecitta World's grand opening is July 24th.