Thursday, July 31, 2014

Canobie Lake Park Looks to Give Equinox the Boot

© Canobie Lake Park
Just two years after its opening at New England's Canobie Lake Park, Equinox, a large inverting flat ride, has been closed for the "foreseeable future."

Canobie Lake Park isn't giving any one reason for closing the ride, citing that its operating performance over the past two years has not been up to the park's standards.  Stories of excessive downtime have plagued the ride since it opened at the park.  While it does not sound like there are plans to reopen the ride anytime soon, the park also won't commit to its removal.

Equinox is a 'Tango' by KMG, a breed of wilder flat ride that is not commonly seen in parks in the U.S.  At massive traveling fairs in Germany, perhaps, but aggressive flat rides like these don't seem to have staying power in our neck of the woods.  As seen in the video above, the ride is very dramatic, having great midway appeal.  However, when riders are 65 feet in the air, being inverted every which way, some people find their limits tested.

Since the park isn't totally confirming the removal of the ride just yet, there's obviously no plans for a replacement just yet.  Canobie Lake Park is a charming place, and a part of me feels like Equinox never 'fit' anyway.  Hopefully they have much more luck with their next addition!


Unknown said...

Bring it to Six Flags Great Adventure!!This ride looks amazing and you are correct in that we usually only see great flat rides like this overseas!