Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New Shanghai Disney Photos Show Off Tron Coaster

A new set of photos taken from just outside the Shanghai Disney Resort have been posted to the Theme Park Guy's website.  The construction of the resort has reached a point where there is plenty to see, with the theme park, hotels, and associated infrastructure rising into the sky.

These photos also give us a great look at the track of the Tron roller coaster, at least I believe at this point the Tron theme is technically a rumor.  Regardless of the theme, the ride is most certainly standing with some beefy looking silver track and supports.  The manufacturer is said to be Vekoma, which is also providing a copy of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train for the park.  There's a large sweeping helix located outside and several layers of twisted track currently being enclosed in a giant building.

Head over to the Theme Park Guy's website to see the full update.