Monday, July 7, 2014

Carowinds 2015 Plans Leaked + Teasing Begins

© Carowinds
It is pretty hard to keep a monster sized project quiet, just ask Carowinds.  The park, which we've all heard will be adding a new coaster next year, has just started teasing fans about the project.  The photo above was released showing off the park's "demo of epic proportions" that is underway.  The clearing includes the former go-kart track along with the remains of the already-moved Skycoaster area.

Even more recently the park put up a banner on the side of the fence by the work site, with an old style map of the world and the text "The 8th Wonder of the World?"  I'm not sure why that is a question, but I'd be happy to allow the park to answer it for me!  Something would have to be pretty big to qualify for that title, and with this new ride said to exceed 300 feet it just might.

Now for the really juicy stuff - Screamscape has posted photos of the ride's layout, taken from construction blueprints.  You can click through to see them, but the short description is Leviathan 2.0 if you get my drift.  We will leave it at that for now, as I'm sure there will be plenty of additional coverage of this gigantic ride in the near future.