Monday, July 28, 2014

Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Rocky Mountain-ing Into 2015?

© Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Since we last saw Six Flags Fiesta Texas starting to tease about the park's 2015 addition the park has stepped it up a notch.  Just a couple days after our initial post, the park launched a giant balloon that hovers over the Rockville section of the park.  The light bulb-looking balloon is over the park's Motorama car ride, something we pondered the removal of last week, emblazoned with the park's logo on one side and "2015" on the other.  Later, the park sent out this tweet focused on the fact that the balloon is at 92.5 feet in the air.

Parks usually don't do such fun teasing for a small addition, so suddenly they have our attention even more than before.

Now an even bigger hint has appeared - the park mentioned needing a snake wrangler named MK Bozer to help with an infestation in Rockville.  Not surprisingly, there's a truck parked in Iron Rattler's queue that belongs to Mr. Bozer, and his phone number is on it.  210-697-5476.

Calling it gives you a message from the company, stating that they are too busy for new work, as they are working to keep Iron Rattler free of "nasty snakes."

Things get interesting when they mention that "some new urban renewal project in Rockville" has stirred up a bunch of snakes around Motorama.  Having just returned from the Goliath and Medusa projects at Six Flags Great America and Six Flags Mexixo, the snake wranglers now have to deal with this new challenge. 

Wait, what?  They really just named two Rocky Mountain Construction projects, and also are hinting at a new 92.5 foot ride for 2015?  Could Six Flags Fiesta Texas be the first park with not one but two Rocky Mountain creations?  Things have gotten very interesting...


Unknown said...

SFFT is saying the ride is 92.5 feet tall, but seeing the balloon next to their S&S tower makes me think that's a typo and it's really 192.5 feet tall. What do you guys think?

NewsPlusNotes said...

It's so hard to tell something like that from photographs, considering angles and all. I could almost see a smaller wooden RMC ride come to the park, staying below 100 feet but giving a crazy ride. A wooden Lightning Run, if you know what I mean. The park certainly has my attention right now!

Bihner said...

MK Bozer, aka Martin Bozer, is the GM for the park. The snake wragler truck in Iron Rattler's queue is a nice homage to him. I recall it's been there since the ride's overhall, perhaps even sooner. Whether the ballon is hinting, it's going to be exciting.