Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kings Dominion Hides Possible 2015 Logo in Plain View

Kings Dominion quietly changed out their scrolling images on the park's website, with one (seen above) advertising Water Works added to the mix.  If you glance at it you might not really notice anything strange, but if you focus in on the Water Works logo you'll see something odd.

When you look closely you'll notice that the general Soak City logo that Cedar Fair uses is hiding behind the current Water Works logo.  Here's a closer comparison of the image with Cedar Point's Soak City Logo:

It would certainly appear that Kings Dominion is hinting at the rebranding of their water park into Soak City for 2015.  This also matches up nicely with persistent rumors that the water park would be the focus of next year's capital additions, along with possible site markings already taking place on property.

We've seen Cedar Fair rename and rebrand water parks into Soak City in the past, specifically at Valleyfair and Kings Island.  Stay tuned to find out what the park has planned!