Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Family Splash Area Opens at Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park

Water Oasis, a brand new $2 million splash and play area, has opened at Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park.  The expansion not only gives families a way to cool off on a hot California day, but also continues the park's theme of including education into its attractions.

© Gilroy Gardens
Water Oasis contains three separate sections along with plenty of shaded rest areas for visitors.  Above is a look at Oasis Lagoon, a zero entry pool that has a maximum depth of 18 inches at the far end where two small slides are.  The pool is lined with relaxing chairs so parents can rest and watch their kids safely at play.

© Gilroy Gardens
Above is the Splash Pad, filled with a "forest of oversized trees and flowers, all spraying water as kids interact with them."  The giant flowers dump water on those below, or sore it up in their giant petals until they burst, raining water down around them.

The third section is known as Water Journey, a shaded play area with a focus on education.  Water Journey "encourages young guests to play with water and explore how it moves through the landscape.  Kids pump water into a system of rivers and streams inset in the ground, while a collection of colorful water wheels, gates and dams allow them to explore how water moves through the waterways."

© Gilroy Gardens
According to this story on the expansion, Gilroy Gardens currently sees around 350,000 guests a year, and wants to build that to 600,000 in time.  The park already has plans for the future and with smart, family-friendly additions like Water Oasis, that future seems bright.