Thursday, July 3, 2014

Six Flags Over Texas Opens Backwards Batman + 2015 Work Begins

© Six Flags Over Texas
A new thrill is ready to launch at Six Flags Over Texas on July 4th, as the park has turned the trains on Batman The Ride around to create a new experience for riders.  The backwards Batman trains have been circulating through the Six Flags parks, most recently they were at Six Flags Magic Mountain earlier this Spring.

The classic Batman the Ride features five inversions spread among 2,700 feet of track.  The trains hit speeds of 50 miles per hour as they maneuver through the ride - now backwards.

“No matter how many times you have been on Batman The Ride nothing compares to the thrill of racing down ten stories facing the other direction,” said Steve Martindale, Six Flags Over Texas park president. “It’s going to be an exhilarating ride, especially since guests will have no idea what is coming next with their feet freely dangling above and below as they twist and turn.”

The backwards trains are a limited time event, so make sure to get your rides in while they are at Six Flags Over Texas!

As for the park's upcoming 2015 addition, it appears as though work is well underway on a "spectacular" new attraction.  The park has been working on the inside of the former 3-D theater, and some new footings have appeared in the lagoon for the park's river rapids ride - located directly adjacent to the back of the theater.  Could some sort of dark ride be coming to the park?  Or perhaps a new use of the theater with updated technology?

For now we will have to continue with speculation, as the park is keeping quiet.  An official announcement of new attractions at all Six Flags properties is expected again this year at the end of August.


Unknown said...

I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY!! I live 20 minutes away from the park and a couple weeks ago I heard on the speaker thins around the park about some ride called Justice league battle of metropolis or something like that and I was confused because I have never heard or it. I looked it up and nothing! so maybe that's the new "dark ride?"
I Hope so!!!