Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Coaster Going Up At Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore has started work on what appears to be a new family inverted roller coaster, located in the park's Far Far Away section.  The Shrek themed area is home to Donkey LIVE, Shrek 4-D, the Magic Potion Spin, and another family coaster, Enchanted Airways.

The theme park originally opened in 2010 and has since added the Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase dark ride to its lineup of attractions.

Seen in orange outline above, the Far Far Away section of Universal Studios Singapore had a nice sized open area for expansion.  The new coaster will utilize a spiral lift hill, as seen in this recent batch of photos.  The green track and white supports don't really give much of a theme away, but the popular rumor is Puss In Boots.

The spiral lift hill reminds me of the ones used on Zamperla's Volare flying coasters.  Not sure if that means we're looking at a custom layout flying ride, or just a new train style from the company.  Hopefully the park announces the new attraction soon so we know just what to expect!