Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wild Waves Delays New Slide Tower Until 2015

Wild Waves Theme Park, located in Washington, had planned to have a new trio of water slides open for Summer 2014.  The park just recently announced that "due to unforeseen construction circumstances" the slides will not be ready in time to open this season.  Instead, their opening has been pushed back until next year.

The new slides were set to replace an existing tower that was aging pretty badly.  The red, green, and yellow slides all will utilize tubes to get passengers to the bottom.  The enclosed red, and open-air green slides twist their way down through many sharp turns before the run-outs.  The yellow slides appears to be a Constrictor, featuring three sets of super tight helices.  It would appear as the tower will be built by WhiteWater West, considering they're the only ones to offer the Constrictor style slides.

Wild Waves currently offers several other slides including the four Konga raft slides, Zooma Falls family raft slide, and Riptide, a bowl slide, lazy and action rivers, and Hook's Lagoon - plus a theme park as well all under one admission ticket.