Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Hersheypark Revealing 2015 Ride on August 12th

© Hersheypark
Hersheypark has shared the above image along with the news that they will announce their 2015 ride on August 12th.  The theme park promises to release new hints and teases each Tuesday leading up to the big announcement.

A local newspaper also received an interesting tarot card invitation to the announcement, which will take place at the Midway Tent inside the park, a part of the Midway America section.  The newspaper has since removed the back of the card, but you can still check it out at this link.  The front of the card features a hand drawn fortune teller, and the back hints at a "new spin on an old classic."  The entire card - along with the image above - seems closely themed to a classic midway area, even down to the font used.

So what could all this mean?  Well, considering the new ride appears to be in Midway America due to the announcement location, the theming of the invite makes sense.  As far as the hardware goes, if this were a big spinning, dropping, soaring type of ride one might think that would be reflected in some way - which from my perspective it is not.  I might go as far as saying that we could see some sort of indoor, fun house / dark ride attraction, though I must also note that the park already has a dark ride shooter in the form of the Reese's Xtreme Cup Challenge.

Hopefully the clues the park reveals will tell us more, but for now we can take a look at the section of the park that looks to be redeveloped.  The yellow area seems like prime space to be wiped clean, with the Midway Tent, slides and a couple kiddie rides taking up an area equal to the size of several large water park attractions.  Clearing all that out would leave plenty of space for a big new attraction. 

I'm exciting to hear more from the park - stay tuned!