Friday, July 4, 2014

Kentucky Kingdom's Successful Start to Summer 2014

After sitting closed for a number of years, many doubted that Kentucky Kingdom would ever be thrilling visitors once more.  When news broke that the park would once again open in 2014, a collective set of cheers could be heard throughout the community, and another roar of applause came when all the new rides were announced.

The park is happy to report that they've had a very successful start to their season, showing that the $44 million investment is paying off.  To that end they've sent out a press release detailing some of the good news.

For starters, "after its first month of operations, Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay’s total attendance is exceeding that of the former Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom by 24%, and revenues by 65%.  These strong results are despite the new park operating 13 fewer days than the previous operator."

© Kentucky Kingdom
Not only are guests coming back to the park in big numbers, they're also giving Kentucky Kingdom high marks on in park surveys.  The water park, heavily expanded this year, has received an overall rating of "outstanding," and the dry rides came in at "very good."  Ratings for cleanliness, friendliness, security and food are ranked as "very good to excellent."

According to park spokesperson John Mulcahy, “There was clearly a pent-up demand for the reopening of a NEW, Bigger, Better and Wetter Kentucky Kingdom.  It validates our promise to deliver world-class rides and attractions, while providing a higher standard of guest excellence, at affordable prices.” 

The park has also been well received by its repeat customer base, selling over 100,000 season passes this year, which is above their goal.  Even a month into the season the park reports that passes are still being sold quickly.

The Kentucky Exposition Center (KEC) has worked with Kentucky Kingdom to develop a guest drop-off area, as well as a parking pass for the summer.  "Both of these enhancements  contributes to the parks accessibility and value," notes the release.

Along with a million dollar refurbishment of the wooden coaster Thunder Run, one of the most talked about additions this year is Lightning Run, a brand new steel coaster from Chance Rides.  The custom design packs a punch, and has already been receiving rave reviews from coaster fans.  Chance Rides recently released a new video showing off the coaster:

As you can see, Lightning Run looks to be a big hit with visitors!

While there's still plenty of 2014 season left, the park has also revealed some expansion plans for 2015.  The park's Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster, T2, will be reopened and become T3 - details on that will be announced later.  The Raging River Rapids Ride (formerly Blizzard River) and the 5,000 seat amphitheater will also reopen.

Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay will continue to operate daily (Sunday through Thursday 11am till 7pm and Friday and Saturday 11am till 9pm) until August 13th.   After the Kentucky State Fair, the park operates weekends in August and September.