Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Smiler Mobile Game Now Available

Alton Tower's Smiler now has its own mobile game, appropriately titled The Smiler: The Game.  Many folks were really looking forward to the game to see if it reveals new details of the secretive coaster, but I'm not sure that too much new is included.

Well, I'm not sure because you have to keep playing the game in order to get credits that let you 'buy' essential pieces of the layout.  As the game starts the ride's layout is generally correct, just with bland turns in place of some of the crazy inversions.  I sorta stink at the ride so I haven't gotten too far yet...

The game does have seven "Top Secret" elements that you cannot unlock until May, which keeps the ride's mysteries intact.  There's also a built in scanner that lets you scan images both online and at the park for bonus stuff.  Above is a screen shot of me holding the game up to the concept art on the website, which makes this more accurate layout of the Smiler pop up.  Pretty neat.

The Smiler app is available currently for both Apple and Android products.