Sunday, February 3, 2013

From The Vault: Six Flags Magic Mountain 1995 Brochure

The Six Flags Magic Mountain of 1995, when this brochure is from, is quite different than the Six Flags Magic Mountain of today.  A lot has changed in those 18 or so years, including a new fleet of big thrill rides and the removal of quite a few.

A definite theme of this brochure is brightly colored scribbles all over all the photos, which makes them look... odd.  I guess maybe this was cool looking in 1995?  I don't quite remember, but it certainly makes for some busy looking pictures!

The Looney Tunes characters were still important enough to the park to put them on the second page, interacting with the park's Revolution coaster and sky tower.  Alas, there are scribbles on everything though.

Since this brochure is from 1995, the park's biggest and newest attraction was still Batman: The Ride.  As the page spells out, the ride was head over heels above the rest.  It was featured prominently in the Gotham City Backlot, an area that technically no longer exists at the park.  Batman: The Ride still does, thank goodness.

Whew there's a lot of stuff packed into this main page!  The first thing I notice is the huge stab at Disneyland at the top: "Bigger than Disneyland and a whole lot more exciting." Youch! Now that's not playing very nice!

The text advertises 10 themed lands and big rides such as Revolution, Ninja, the Freefall, and Psyclone and Colossus.  Viper is described as "the most frightening roller coaster on earth," which just may be true - but not for the reason the park felt, I'm sure.

It's almost staggering how much the park has changed, I mean several of the big rides listed above are now history.  Counting Full Throttle I think 11 coasters have been added to the park since this brochure was published!

Can you remember when there were only seven Six Flags theme parks?  Well, I guess we can since we're currently at eleven branded parks today.  But in between that there were quite a few more.  This map makes the chain seem pretty simple... but this was just before the mass expansion started and the Six Flags brand went world-wide.