Monday, February 25, 2013

GateKeeper: Almost Complete!

Cedar Point has sent out a new batch of GateKeeper construction photos, showing off the ride's latest developments.  The park has set the mid-course brake run into place, which stands in the middle of the ride's enormous corkscrew.

If the concept art holds true then this section of the ride, which takes place over the former parking lot, will be nicely landscaped.  The remaining parking lot between the coaster and the rest of the park will be for employees.

The mid-course brakes allow for three train operation, a must at Cedar Point to keep capacity up.  The trains will give riders a brief pause as they pass over it, then dive back into a helix.

In all, the park reports that there are only 18 track pieces out of 102 left to go up.  This photo shows the supports and footers for GateKeeper's helix, the ride's final element.

Before any thrills though, the ride needs a station to depart from!  Here's a progress update on GateKeeper's homebase if you will, and it look like it is starting to have its roof applied.  The "downstairs" section is now enclosed so that work can move further along.

If all goes well the ride should be complete before the week is out, according to Cedar Point.  Can't wait!

All photos © Cedar Point