Monday, February 11, 2013

Quassy's New Slides Taking Shape

© Quassy Amusement Park
What a difference a few weeks makes!  Quassy Amusement Park's new slide tower, a part of the recently renamed Splash Away Bay water park, has made major progress with most of all three new slides now in place.

The new tower stands thirty five feet tall and is the starting point for two adventurous drop slides as well as a large bowl style raft slide.  In the photo above it appears as though only the starting part of the bowl slide remains to be put into place.  The image was taken just before the recent New England blizzard, so further progress is probably on hold for the moment.

All three attractions were manufactured by Proslide for Quassy.  The two extreme bodyslides will drop riders at more than twenty feet per second, and the bowl slide drops down thirty feet along its 210 foot long path.

The new tower complex will be joined by the Fish Pond, a children's spray area, when Splash Away Bay opens this Summer.  Looking good!