Friday, February 8, 2013

Outlaw Run Takes Its First Official Test Runs

Today was a very exciting day for Silver Dollar City - the park put their new wooden coaster, Outlaw Run, through its first "official" test runs for a bevy of media.  This was the first chance that anyone has had to see the coaster in action.

Here's a shot of one of the coaster's train just starting to head down the first drop.  Outlaw Run takes full advantage of the park's terrain, using a 107 foot lift but a much larger drop.  There's a small turn at the top of the lift, which will give riders a brief moment to take in the amazing view from the top.

And speaking of the first drop - here it is!  After that 107 foot lift hill the ride plunges down 162 feet at an amazing 81 degrees, and maxes out at 68 miles per hour.  Oh how I wish I were one of those test dummies!

As we well know, Outlaw Run also features some crazy track features, and three inversions, one of which can be seen here.  The train rolls well over onto its side at the top of this hill, only to immediately switch back to the other direction as it falls back toward the ground.  The ride's finale includes a double barrel roll.

As if these new images weren't enough to heighten our excitement, the park has also released a partial point of view of Outlaw Run:

Silver Dollar City has been putting Outlaw Run through its paces for some time now, and has much more testing planned before the ride opens to guests.  The park opens for the season in March, so it's not too much longer of a wait!