Monday, February 11, 2013

Fun Spot America's New Coasters Going Up

With a Summer opening racing toward them, the all new Fun Spot America in Orlando has started vertical construction on their two new roller coasters.

The Freedom Fighter will be a suspended family ride provided by Vekoma, and White Lightning will be a steel structure / wood track coaster from Great Coasters International.

© Fun Spot America
These were the first bright-blue supports that were put into place for Freedom Fighter.  The ride will be a clone of Kvasten at Grona Lund, so we're able to see exactly what a ride on the Freedom Fighter will be like.  The family coaster will take riders over several of Fun Spot America's other attractions as it traverses its 1,300 feet of track.

© Great Coasters Int.
White Lightning will give riders a decidedly more thrilling experience when it is complete.  The ride is using a steel support structure, the first vertical pieces of which can be seen in this shot.  Great Coasters wrote that this is most of the ride's brake run, so they're starting with the end, in a sense.

Can't wait to see the rides as they progress!