Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Late Addition for 2013 at Hurricane Harbor Arlington

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, located across the highway from Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington, Texas, has announced the addition of two large new water slides for Summer 2013.  The new attractions will be in celebration of the water park's 30th anniversary season.

The new slides will be named Typhoon Twister and Tsunami Surge, both providing riders a different experience.

The Typhoon Twister will be a bowl style slide, where two riders at a time sail down a drop and into a large bowl-shaped where they slide around the outside as they slow down.  They're eventually funneled into an exit chute as the ride ends.

The Tsunami Surge looks to be one of Proslide's latest thrills, the TornadoWave, which is quickly popping up at parks across the globe.  Rafts plunge down from 68 feet in the air and up onto a 40 foot tall wave shaped structure.  When gravity takes over (and a weightlessness feeling ensues) the rafts plunge back down the wave and back toward the landing pool.

No word yet on whether the addition of Tsunami Surge and Typhoon Twister are in addition to or in place of the previously announced Black Hole of Doom 4D slide.  Announced as part of Six Flags' 2013 chain-wide expansion, the plan was to makeover the park's Black Hole slides with special effects and other treats and make it a new attraction.

Not much has been heard on that plan since the announcement, until suddenly the park revealed plans for the two new slides above.  Whatever the plan, it's great to see exciting new water rides popping up!

Update - a reader (thank you!) tweeted us that the park had confirmed that the plan for the Black Hole renovation is off, and the ride will continue to operate as it has in the past.