Thursday, February 14, 2013

Take A Gander at the "World's Tallest" StarFlyer

© Grona Lund

© Grona Lund
Well, that was quick.  Grona Lund just announced Eclipse - billed as the world's tallest StarFlyer - ten days ago, and already the ride's main construction is complete with the ride's tower casting shadows over the seaside amusement park.

Construction went quick since the ride's foundation was already finished when the announcement was made.  Waiting for all that concrete to cure is a slow process.  After that all the park had to do was rent an absolutely enormous crane and start stacking those pieces.  Seems simple, right?

The images above and at left from the park are heavily instagram-ed but it still makes it crystal clear just how tall the ride looks in its surroundings.

According to the park the tower is 400 feet tall.  Suddenly both Katapulten (Space Shot) and Fritt Fall (Free fall) aren't looking so impressive in stature, right?  For a brief second I wondered if the S&S ride was a double shot, ya know, the smaller version.  But that's just how Eclipse has changed the perspective of the park!