Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hong Kong Disneyland the First to Feature Marvel

Far from an official Disney announcement, the Wall Street Times is reporting that the Hong Kong Financial Secretary has been quoted as saying that Hong Kong Disneyland will add a Marvel themed areas as part of an upcoming expansion.

Granted since the park is 52% owned by the government an official's words do bear some weight as far as the future goes.  With the park's third mini-land expansion set to open this year I wouldn't be looking for any Marvel themed area to open any time soon.

Since Disney spent a cool $4 billion on Marvel a few years ago everyone has been waiting to see how they would be incorporated into the theme parks.  Obviously movies and retail have been successful for the franchise, but the possibility of Marvel rides is almost endless once the Imagineers are unleashed.

This will definitely be a story to follow in the future as plans develop since it very well could set the pace for the brand to be used in other parks, including those on American soil.