Saturday, February 2, 2013

NPN January 2013 Poll Results

Well this month's poll is what you would call a landslide.  We asked you guys which U.S. new coaster was your most anticipated, and the answer to that was clear:  GateKeeper at Cedar Point has just about everyone drooling on their keyboards!  Especially with photos like the one above - and that doesn't even factor in the beautiful lakeside setting of the ride.  It's just pretty from all angles.

GateKeeper took in a total of 47.76% of the total votes this month, just shy of a full half of the ballots.  The massive B&M wing coaster is the Point's first new one in quite a few years, and the excitement around it is palpable, to say the least.

Here's the full results:
A ride we've seen so much of already took the second place spot, and that's because structurally the coaster has been done for a while now.  I'm speaking of Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City, which ended with 23.62% of the vote.

Outlaw Run is one of a new breed of insane looking wooden coasters that utilize a new track design to perform elements never even dreamed of before for wooden rides, and it's new sibling also came in third place.  That's Iron Rattler at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and it had 12.07% of the vote.

Fourth place went to a new Premier triple launch design, Full Throttle at Six Flags Magic Mountain.  It's also probably the new for 2013 coaster that seems to be the furthest behind in construction.  Even without steel in the air the ride still gathered 8.1% of the total vote.

The other rides all fell somewhat close together near the bottom of the poll.  Poor Undertow at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk finished last, with only two votes. 

And speaking of coasters that finish in the bottom, this month's poll is now live.  I took the ten lowest place finishers from the U.S. on the Wood Coaster Poll, at least the bottom ten 'big' rides (that categorization was at my discretion).  Of the worst of the worst, which is your favorite?  Silly poll, but we need a goofy one now and then!