Monday, February 18, 2013

New Concept Art for Knott's New Boardwalk

© Knott's Network
I really like this new concept art that Knott's Berry Farm has placed on the construction walls around their Boardwalk renovation/expansion.  Knott's Network, a frequently updated Facebook fan page for the park, posted this and I thought it was definitely worth sharing.

The concept art released when the expansion was announced was nice, but this is much more than nice - great, really.  If you click on the large image you can catch a lot of great details that I hope show up in the finished product.

The area seems to have a bit of a retro '50s feel to it, from the signage for the area to the choice of railings around the lake.  Even the light poles as drawn will add to the feel of the new Boardwalk.  Naturally, the roller skating waitress and the Fonzie looking guy do not exactly hurt the theme they're presenting, either.

The two new rides for the area look fantastic lit up among the dusk sky, framed by the new wild mouse style coaster behind them.  I guess I just really want the finished product to look exactly like this!  This is also a really nice piece of concept art for a Cedar Fair park - not a computer animation or render!

Another part of the Boardwalk makeover is the repainting of Boomerang to have green supports and neon green track.  The work is already well underway but if you want to see photos you'll have to head over to Knott's Network!


Greg Pro said...

Thanks, made my day. :)