Friday, February 22, 2013

An Aerial View of Fun Spot America's Progress

© Fun Spot America
What progress!  Fun Spot America has released a handful of new aerial photos, showing the park's enormous expansion as it currently stands.

The blue coaster that has a plentiful amount of supports up is the Freedom Flyer, the park's Vekoma family suspended coaster.

You can also see the now complete looking footers for White Lightning - GCI's first steel supported wooden coaster - as well as a small portion of it standing.  The stacks of steel supports are in the newly paved parking lot just waiting to go up - along with plenty of track and supports for Freedom Flyer.

The large building in the center of the photo is the park's new entrance, and just beyond that on the right is the now completed (but not filled) pond that the 250 foot tall Skycoaster will tower over.  Before long additional rides and attractions will start to dot the landscape and then before we know it the park will be open!

Okay perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself, but it is still great to see such progress being made so quickly.