Saturday, February 9, 2013

Adventuredome Announces New El Loco Coaster

Instead of another roller coaster being removed from the Las Vegas strip, a new one has been announced for the Adventuredome Theme Park at Circus Circus.  Replacing the park's Rim Runner splash boat ride, the new coaster will be an S&S Worldwide El Loco aptly named El Loco.

Adventuredome is touting the new coaster as one of only a handful of its kind in the world, and only the second one in America.  The above concept art of El Loco makes it appear to be the standard layout used on the other rides, but there will be a few differences for sure.  Existing El Loco rides stand just under 100 feet tall, and Adventuredome's is listed at 70 feet.  Perhaps there will be other changes, too, once a final layout is revealed.

From the park's press release on the coaster, additional details are offered:

"Accompanied by a customized soundtrack, El Loco will deliver new and unique coaster elements that drop, turn and twist the rider in ways not previously experienced. Riders will ascend 70 feet before diving over and under in a backwards motion, delivering a negative 1.5 “vertical-G”. The ride’s unique elements, including a 45-degree outwardly banked turn, a greater-than-straight-down diving drop, and a 180-degree turn that races over the edge into a barrel roll, will provide guests with an extraordinarily thrilling adventure. Offering one of the smoothest rides in the business, El Loco’s innovative, four-person cars feature an open design which will give riders the feeling of flying during the 75-second ride along 1,300 feet of track." 

S&S used some new cars on the recent Green Lantern coaster at Movie World, seating four across in two rows with lap bar restraints.  Hopefully these new cars will be utilized in Vegas, at least the mention of a customized soundtrack seems to indicate that.

The El Loco at Adventuredome will open in December.