Friday, August 3, 2012

Cedar Point Unleashes 2013 on August 13th

All the guessing and speculation will end on August 13th at 3:30 pm when Cedar Point announces the details of their 2013 project.

They're continuing to use the spiked head/wing/sonic the hedgehog blue image as a tease, which looks to me like it is part of a much larger ride logo.

Exactly what it is, and what the ride will be named is still anyone's guess.  Guests to the park will be able to gather just outside the park's main gates to be a part of the announcement,  so make your plans now to be at the park that day!


Unknown said...

To me the image looks like the end of a wing. To me, I think of a bird or some other object like that (since it is a wing rider)that is flying down at an angle making the image the end of the bird's right wing with the left wing looking the same. Idk that is just me but that is what I think.