Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wild Eagle Goes For A Loop!

Dollywood has released some new images of Wild Eagle, which has been quickly rising among the smokey mountains.  Above is a wide view taken from Dollywood Vacations showing the ride rising above the park.  What a beautiful photo!

With Wild Eagle's lift hill complete the drop went up (or should I say down?) very quickly.  Later, the Wing Rider trains will speed down that drop at a cool 61 miles per hour.

The next element is the ride's large vertical loop, which was just recently completed.

The final top piece of the loop was the last to be installed.  Of the four Bolliger & Mabillard Wild Rider coasters that will be open in 2012, Wild Eagle is the only one to feature a traditional vertical loop.

Here we see that final piece creeping ever closer to its final location.  Also take note of the ride's 135 foot first drop in the background, especially how it uses the landscape's elevation changes to its advantage.

And just like that, another of Wild Eagle's elements is complete!  If the park keeps going in order next up will be the coaster's large zero-g roll.  Can't wait!