Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Wild Eagle Images & Details

Dollywood has unveiled a new construction update video for Wild Eagle, the park's new Bolliger and Mabillard Wing Coaster, and with it comes some interesting new images.

The quality of the videos that Dollywood is producing is about the best I've seen for any park that has done updates on a new ride, so kudos to them for that!  But as for the actual video, mixed into the updates on the ride's progress are flashes of some things I found of interest.

Here is another view of the ride's layout, and how it will interact with the landscape underneath it.  We've seen a similar image before, but I personally can't get enough of how cool the ride looks sitting atop that hill!

Probably an even bigger reveal is this image of the trains for the ride, Eagle theming and all.  Looks pretty sweet, right?  Not only does the theming add a tremendous amount to the trains, but their dark color scheme will contract nicely with that bold blue track.

Also worth checking out along with the video are some recent construction shots.  Wild Eagle's lift hill has started to climb the mountain!  See the video and photos from Dollywood.