Monday, October 24, 2011

Stinger Gets Inverted at Dorney Park

Yes, it was another race against the setting sun for these photos from this past weekend, but as they show Stinger at Dorney Park is moving along quickly.

We will start with a little perspective.  Stinger is now visible from the lower section of the park, seen here poking up beyond Possessed.

This past week much progress was made in building the coaster, just about half the cobra roll is now complete. 

Supports for the second half of the cobra roll went up just before work stopped for the weekend.  You can see them hiding behind one of the trees that used to mark the entrance to Laser's queue.

And here are those supports with the completed half of the cobra roll behind them.  With the speed they are moving at, I would estimate (weather cooperating) that the cobra roll could be complete in a couple days.

Hearing the public's comments on the construction when walking by range from them actually knowing it is a new ride, to thinking it has to do with the "completion" of Possessed. 

Last week also saw the addition of the top of the mid-level supports for the lifts, perhaps an indication that they will be focused on soon.

There's only one week left of 2011 operations at the park, but I have a feeling not much of the ride won't be up by then!