Sunday, October 16, 2011

Frightening Fun: The Haunts of 2011 - 4

Knott's Berry Farm is where the Haunt, the event that has spread over time to many other Cedar Fair parks, originated.  The Scary Farm is still regarded as one of, if not the, best Halloween events to be found in any theme park setting.

This year Knott's Haunt debuts three new attractions, including Delirium, a maze that takes place "in the deep recesses of the mind."  According to Knott's, this is what happens when your imagination can't even comprehend the horrors you see - a trip into your worse nightmare!

Invasion Beneath is a new takeover of the Calico Mine Ride, where a fissure in the earth's core is allowing unknown creatures to pour into society.  The last new Haunt is Endgames: Warriors of the Apocalypse, which includes slaves that are forced to battle to the death for entertainment!

Kennywood's Phantom Fright Nights annual Halloween events has become a huge hit with the locals, but has grown to a far bigger audience.

This year marks the event's 10th anniversary, and to celebrate there's a brand new haunt named Biofear, described as "a science experiment gone horribly wrong!"

Returning favorites such as the Villa of the Vampires, Kennywood Cemetery, and Gory Park will be scaring guests as well.  Plus, many of the park's ride's are open for a late season swing!

Six Flags America is celebrating this year's Fright Fest with more haunted attractions, hair-raising shows and horrifying creatures than ever before.

A classic during Fright Fest, the Bridge of Terror will return, putting guests face-to-face with some of the park's nastiest ghouls.  All new this year is Backwoods Bloodshed, Maryland's longest terror trail, and puts guests in the woods located behind the park.  Scary!

Plenty of creatures will be lurking around the park, in locations including Gotham City's Carn-Evil, the Ghost Town of Coyote Creek, and Skulls Revenge.  Lots of live entertainment rounds of the park's Fright Fest offerings, such as The Reckoning in the park's show arena.

Frightmares! at Lagoon Amusement Park is back for the 2011 season of screams.  The events offers five different haunted attractions, including a brand new one for this year named Nightwalk.  Led by demons and Vampires, guests head into the darkness of Nightwalk only to find their worst fears come true.

Another enticing attraction is a haunt called Deception: "in this house of illusion your eyes will deceive. You’ll question what’s real and what not to believe. Hold on tight to your loved ones as you navigate this haunted maze."

Frightmares! has scare-free fun for the kids during the day, so the entire family can enjoy a visit.  But after dark be warned, the haunts are everywhere!

This season, Kings Island's Haunt has found some brilliant sounding new ways to bring the park's guests' fears to life.  If you think that the Holidays with your in-laws is scary, just wait to see what the park has in store!

Holiday Horror - where even the simplest and fun holidays take on an evil twist like no other is new for 2011.  So is Mysteria, a maze that purposely messes with your sense so that disorientation is the norm.

Nightmare Alley is a new scare zone where the park's darkened midways are home to some of the most demonic creatures around.  If you choose to pass, perhaps on your way for a ride on Diamondback, be warned!

The Half Pint Brawlers are also back for another year at the Haunt.  Known as "psycho midget wrestlers," the show regularly has a packed house, so be sure to get your seat early!