Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekly Rewind 10.8.11

Universal Studios Singapore has released another image of the queue for their new Transformers ride (left).  The attraction is scheduled for a December debut, just a couple months away at this point.

Disney also announced this week that Bob Iger has signed a new 5 year contract that will see him stay as the Chief Executive during the period.  He will retired afterwards, so it looks like a new Disney leader will have to be found.

As a lover of dark rides, this interview with Sally Corporation's John Wood, CEO of the company, is a pretty neat read.  Sounds like the company has a huge project in development, set to open late next year.

Six Flags Great America began to receive track for X-Flight this week.  The candy red pieces are pretty nice looking!  The park also shared photos of Iron Wolf pieces being shipped out.

I'm excited to see Matt Ouimet's changes at Cedar Fair, like really excited.  Two new corporate VPs were added this week, one with long Disney history and another with sports team marketing experience. 

The Tokyo Disneyland Resort has announced decreased attendance for the first half of its fiscal year - not a surprise considering the major earthquake that hit.  After the parks reopened the resort saw the highest attendance numbers ever - certainly a good sign.

After recovering from the major flooding that took place at the park, Hersheypark is once again focusing on Skyrush construction.  Tons of track has arrived, the Tilt-a-whirl is gone, and more footers have been completed.

Congratulations to Silverwood Theme Park for achieving record attendance this year, despite a seemingly perpetual down economy.  More than 650k visitors came to the park during the normal season.

Sounds like Dollywood is quite displeased with Huss after the struggles they've had with their Topple Tower ride, named Timber Tower.  Details of the full lawsuit the park has filed are available in this article.