Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Stinger Goes Vertical At Dorney Park

As expected, Stinger at Dorney Park has gone vertical!  After this past weekend's construction update, the park looked poised to start to construct the ride.

Now, only a few days later many supports are already in place.  It almost appears as though the park is sorta waiting for more supports to be brought on site, and as soon as they are they're put up!  I highly doubt that things are that unorganized, but it seems pieces aren't laying around for long on property.

Naturally, since the park is currently closed all these photos were taken outside the gates.

The supports are pretty easy to see outside the park, and these are some of the lower ones that'll be going up.  On the left are the dual supports for the middle of the lifts.  There are more sections that will go on top, followed by a cap that will support the hanging track.

On the right are supports for the base of the lift hills, just about where the track starts to curve upward to pass through the station.

Stinger will be right in front of guests as they turn to enter the park.

Going back quite a bit to get a better view you can more clearly see some of the supports that are up.  There's even more lower ones for the station are that simply were not visible from outside the park.

And what timing I had, huh?  Just as I passed the park this truck pulled up with some track pieces for the lift hills.

One last shot of the track that was just arriving.  I'm sure Stinger is going to go up quick now that vertical construction has started, so be sure to check back for more updates.