Thursday, October 27, 2011

A 'Bear' Of A Fundraiser At Canobie Lake Park

The Ride Entertainment Group of Companies, which represents such manufacturers as Gerstlauer, SkyCoaster, and Funtime, recently got "Untamed" at Canobie Lake Park in order to raise funds for Give Kids The World.

Ride Entertainment's Adam Sandy and Mark Rosenzweig

With Canobie decked out for their Screeemfest Halloween event, Ride Entertainment employees Adam Sandy and Mark Rosenzweig donned bear costumes to scare up some funds for Give Kids the World.  Canobie Lake Park placed a donation point at the exit to their new Untamed roller coaster, which Ride Entertainment sold to the park.

The Bear costumes fit Untamed's themed cars

After walking the park and entertaining (scaring) some of the guests - all in good fun, of course - the pair managed to raise over $2,300 for Give Kids The World.

"We were happy to raise over $2,300 for Give Kids the World,” said Sandy.  “It really is a great cause and we were thrilled to be a part of it.  Knowing that the money is going to a cause that allows kids to be kids and forget about an illness they have, if just for a little while, is a great feeling.”