Monday, October 17, 2011

2012 Construction Updates Abound

Since announcing the ride, Busch Gardens Williamsburg has stealthily been building the indoor section of Verbolten, the park's new launched "dark woods" themed coaster.  Luckily for us, they need to build the track for the indoor section before it the building goes up around it - and that means photos! has a couple shots of exactly that, including a wicked looking helix!  Plenty of other mysteries will live in that building!

The 300 foot tall monster, Leviathan, is continuing to grow up North at Canada's Wonderland.  The park has reported that they have 70 percent of the ride's footings done, quite a bit of progress for a ride as massive as Leviathan.

With the transfer and storage track complete, it sounds like work will now focus on the lift of the ride, something I'm sure we're all waiting for!  The park has been great about posting construction photos of the ride, be sure to check out the latest on the official Leviathan website.

Like so many other Bolliger and Mabillard coasters we've watched be built over the years, Thorpe Park's the Swarm is rather quickly rising toward the skies.  The ride's lift went up last week, and soon the inverting half-loop drop will be in place.

The park has a dedicated Facebook page for the ride's construction, which features plenty of up-to-date photos and videos.  While I was not sure about the ride's all gray track and supports at first, seeing the ride standing with the water and islands as a background has sold me.

While this batch of photos doesn't necessarily show much progress since what we've previously seen, they do give some unique perspectives of Europa Park's new Great Coasters International ride.

Plus, you can really get a feel for how the new wooden coaster will both tower over its location in the park, and interact with nearby attractions.  I think the ride's first drop looks like something that could go down as the ride's best part, judging from how it looks right now.  GCI actually just posted a comparison shot of Europa's first drop versus Apocalypse at Magic Mountain... which also leads me to believe that this will be quite a plunge!

The Green Lantern Coaster at Warner Bros. Movie World Australia isn't a large ride, so it's not a big surprise that the ride is more than halfway complete.  The S&S El Loco coaster has a small footprint, with a maze of track twisting around itself, akin to a wild mouse style ride.

Once the web of supports were in place, track started to be placed at a quick page.  From recent photos posted by the park, the ride's beyond-vertical first drop is already in place!  For less recent, but highly detailed photos, check out this update, too.