Monday, October 10, 2011

Dorney Park Stinger Update 10.7.11

Time for a Stinger update! But first...

Monster Watch 2011 has officially ended.  Whatever ailed the ride has been fixed, it is back together, and open for guests!  Everyone can breath a big sigh of relief now.

As far as Stinger construction is concerned, well, things are moving along at a fast pace.  In the past couple weeks, despite seeming endless Seattle-like rain, all the footings for the ride have been completed.

The above view is from next to Possessed.  The left side of the cobra roll will be in the foreground, followed by the station, and in the back the lifts.

We now benefit from the Asylum being open for Haunt - some great construction shots are available on the walk back to it.  Here we see almost all the footings for the ride.  The right side of the cobra roll will be connected to the footers up front.

This is one of the closest ones to the midway and it looks ready for supports to be placed!

In the middle of the ride is a set of large supports that will house the ride's mechanical room.  The double lift hills will be heading up directly above it.

Looking back toward the front of the ride, the park was able to save some of the trees that used to be in the area by Laser's entrance.  The row of footers here are for the cobra roll - I would assume that the ride's entrance will be back there, too.

Looking at the work site from the back side of the area, near the restrooms next to the Asylum.  The rather large footer on the right of this photo is for the tallest lift support.

This photo was actually taken the next day.  The crane that was on site had been assembled since the day before.  Looks ready to do some heavy lifting.

There is also one truckload of supports now on site, located in the overflow parking lot.  No track is present yet, but I have a feeling that will change this week.

One last shot of the supports.  With actual ride pieces being moved on site, and the crane now assembled, it seems pretty clear that vertical construction is imminent!


Surya said...

I remember seeing the pieces of track on the parking lot while I was there. While on Possessed the guys behind me where talking about how those pieces would be used to complete Possessed to a complete circuit. I guess they didn't pay any attention to the fact that the train for Possessed has it's side friction wheels on the outside, the Vekoma train has them on the inside...