Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Legoland Florida: Now Open For Business

Legoland Florida General Manager Adrian Jones said it best, it's not every year that a major theme park opens in the United States, and the opening of one is cause for quite a bit of excitement.  There was a multitude of that around this past Saturday when Legoland Florida officially opened to the public for the first time.

The property has plenty of rides and attractions to explore

Though aimed at kids between 2 and 12, Legoland Florida still presents a total of 50 different rides and attractions, with a bit of something for everyone.  Theme park and ride fans in general should still note that while not the tallest or fastest, the park still offers four different roller coasters. (Check out point-of-view videos of all coasters on YouTube)

The Dragon Coaster was expanded with a dark ride section

Many rides that have been added to Legoland Florida have proven popular at other Lego branded parks, such as the Aquazone Wave Racers and the Lost Kingdom Adventure dark ride.  Orlando Attractions took a video of the park that shows off the nice atmosphere developers have created, along with many of the featured rides and shows.

 Watch for the water park to open next year

Even though the park has just opened, expanding the property into a resort is already a focus.  Cypress Gardens Adventure Park had built a water park adjacent to the theme park, but that has not been redeveloped yet for Legoland Florida.

Park officials now say that reopening the water park should happen next summer, with a complete overhaul and rebranding effort.  Guests are said to be able to build a raft out of Lego blocks, then float around on it.  Further down the line a hotel is planned - further cementing the property as a multi-day destination.

Congratulations to Legoland Florida on their opening!