Friday, October 28, 2011

Scott And Carol Present - Six Flags Great America's X-Flight Site Preparation

Six Flags Great America is proudly promoting their 2012 addition, X-Flight!

Site preparation is already under way. Not much is left of the Great American Raceway or Splashwater Falls, the O.D. Hopkins Shoot The Chutes, which has been closed since 2007.

The park has made it very easy to find the construction site by plastering huge X-Flight banners on the fence bordering the area.

Of course it's really not to hard to find the huge hole between the County Fair and Southwest Territory sections of the park.

The Great American Raceway entrance and queue area are still intact. Wonder if it will be used as the entrance and part of the queue for X-Flight.

These huge pieces of concrete are the remains of a huge footer leftover from Splashwater Falls.

This machine is being used to grind the pieces of concrete into gravel.

And, the gravel is going to be used in X-Flight's construction.

This view shows just how large the construction area is and also offers a nice view of the American Eagle. We can hardly wait to check out this area next spring.