Friday, October 14, 2011

Dorney Park's Stinger: Up Close Views

This update was a race against the setting sun, so while these photos aren't the brightest, we can still get a good idea of how much Stinger "grew up" this past week.

From the entrance to the construction area, we quickly see that Stinger looks quite different than last week!  Plenty of steel, and just a couple pieces of track are now standing.

The taller supports in the foreground of the photo will be for the right hand section of the cobra roll element.

Moving toward the back of the site we can turn around for another view of the ride.  On the right are supports in place for the start of the two lift hills.

The station for Stinger had a lot of work done this week, too.  This is where a couple pieces of track have been placed as well.  More supports have been assembled on the ground, waiting to be lifted into place next week.

Another angle of the ride's station.  More station track is waiting for some supports to be finished so it can be hung.  The ride's vertical loop will sit atop the footers in the foreground on this photo.

Possessed appears to be watching over the ride's construction in this shot.  This is a closer view of the first supports for the lifts - the entrance to the vertical loop will be on the left of this shot when completed.

Enough supports are up that you can get a good idea of how much less room Stinger will use than Laser did.  There will be a significant amount of midway/open area down toward the lifts due to the way the ride is angled.

Finally, a shot taken from the backside of the ride.  The two supports on the right, which will be taller when complete, will hold the mid-section of the lift.  No supports have been placed on the large footer that holds the highest point of the ride.


shirley said...

who is doing the constrution on this new dorney ride?