Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cedar Fair Using Accesso For Online Commerce

Cedar Fair has sent out a press release announcing that they have signed on Accesso to "utilize their premier online commerce and mobile technology across its renowned portfolio of parks." A significant deal for the company, this is a smart step forward for the park's online presence, along with a link to the future of online ticket sales.

"Along with redesigned websites for each park, Cedar Fair will replace its current in-house e-commerce solution with Accesso's fully hosted, dynamic online platform beginning in January 2012.  Cedar Fair will also roll out Accesso's integrated mobile platform with updated mobile websites along with iPhone and Android based apps including mobile ticketing."

It may be worth noting that company President, Matt Ouimet, is quoted in the article - perhaps this is one of his first big changes for Cedar Fair.  The type of technology being invested in actually goes to the point of possibly having tickets purchased on a mobile device, and then scanned at a park entry gate for admission.  When compared to several other theme park companies, Cedar Fair has traditionally lagged in the technology field.

Accesso has worked with many theme parks in the past, including the entire Six Flags Chain, the Columbus Zoo, PARC Management, and Adrenaline Family Entertainment.